Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service


“Yes, it really helped to have someone listen to me, not judging or criticising – knowing that I could speak in confidence…I was told that I could always phone again if things got bad and I needed help, I didn’t feel like I was being abandoned”

“Counselling helped me understand what happens and what is normal when grieving, specifically after the loss of a child. I felt supported re all the pain I was going through”

“I am most grateful to JBCS for providing this wonderful service. I did not want to speak to anyone about the death of my husband and it took me many years to decide to try counselling. I am so glad I did”

“My counsellor was helpful, supporting and knowledgeable. She suggested certain goals which were do-able and never pushed me to do more than I was comfortable with”

“I think most men believe themselves able to handle emotion. I now realise the huge value of your service and in my contact with people in grief, I now suggest counselling through JBCS. My sincere thanks to my counsellor and your organisation”

“I was totally lost after the death of my mother. My counsellor helped me step by step to get my life back in order and help me to move in a positive direction. I can’t thank JBCS enough”