Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service

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The death of a significant person can profoundly affect children.

Children experience the same feelings of pain, sadness, anxiety, anger and guilt as adults. They may also be confused by what has happened and how they are feeling, however, they may show these feelings in different ways.

Can Counselling Help?

Children can benefit from the opportunity to speak and play with someone who is skilled in working with children.

They are given the space to express their feelings, and to make sense of the death and all the changes it has brought about in their world.

Our counsellors are trained to work on bereavement issues with all children and teenagers

What about Parents and Carers?

While the content of counselling sessions is confidential, whenever a child is seen, we also work with the adults who care for them to support their care, as seems most appropriate in each family.

Schools and Youth Groups?

JBCS supports schools and youth groups with bereavement issues.

For further information or to arrange counselling please Buy Alprazolam .5 Mg.